We offer many services such as; Prototype and production, Swiss CNC screw Machining, CNC milling & turning, Precision Machining, and Mandrel Bending.


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           Swiss.                               Lathe.                               Milling.                     Mandrel bending                                                                                                                                                          


Swiss style CNC turning centers use a sliding guide bushing and two independent and cooperative spindles, making long, small diameter precision turning and milling that could never be done on a conventional lathe possible. The second spindle can finish second operations automatically, making true raw-material-to-finished-part-in-a-single-cycle high production a reality for this type of machine. With up to 10 independant axis per machine, complex and hard to handle small parts can be produced with ease and finesse.

Material capacity: 1/8"(3mm) to 1-1/4" (32mm), parts up to 144" long. 



Our Turret style Dual and Single Spindle Lathes with live tooling can support up to 3" material through the spindle (with barfeed capabilities for production), and substantially larger parts between spindles. With a full compliment of live tools, we are able to do 4 axis machining, gear hobbing, CNC broaching, and other complex processes. 

Material capacity: 1/8" (3mm) up to 3" through the head, up to 14" diameter in the chuck.


Our broad variety of CNC Mills and complementary machines gives us the ability to do everything from large, complex one-off parts, to high production of medium and small parts on our turret changing horizontal mill. We also have EDM hole boring, a CMM for reverse engineering and part inspection, and all the supporting equipment to keep it all going.


We have a Ercolina CNC Mandrel Bender available for production jobs. Mandrel bending allows the tubing to maintain it's cross-sectional shape despite thin walls and very tight bend radii. It is ideal for applications requiring smooth fliud or gas flow through a complex shape, or cosmetic applications where roundness deformation at bends is not acceptable.